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Brand New Script!

Built on proven technology. Detailed administration. User accounts. Support tickets. Forum. Payment processing.


Take Your Business 2 the Next Level

Don't delay. Landwhale script will have your custom site up built, hosted, deployed and taking orders faster than any other solution provider.

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Cutting Edge Technology

PHP CSS3 HTML5 jQuery MySQL redis combined with nginx in a cloud hosting environment allows instant scalability as traffic demands.

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Role-based Accounts

Have several site administrators working. Utilize 9 levels of user security access.

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SEO Optimized

Responsive design, low page load times, admin keyword assignment all add up to Landwhale sites ranking high on search engines.

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Account Security

IP address locking and blocking. Wait time after 5 failed login attempts. IP address cross-checking and reporting.

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Right out of the box!

  • End-to-end solutions. Specifications, Hosting, Development, Deployment, Support.

  • Configurable user account registration, support ticket system and forum setup.

  • Built-in payment processing. PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Solid Trust Pay and more.



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Basic website package

  • All code deployed to your server or ours.
  • Database configuration and install
  • Your custom template installed
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